About Us

Our Story

It all started when four young Italian cousins, who grew up in the restaurant business, tasted the most delicious and authentic bagel sandwich in a little bagel shop in the heart of Towson.

It was an unassuming little shop with a sign that read "Towson Hot Bagels" on the outside. And while the location had less than 15 seats, we had a passion to share our positive energy with the world through our food.

Being a first generation Southern Italian family, we understand that we’re not necessarily the first people that come to mind when you hear "bagel shop." But, with our heritage, three things reign supreme: family, love, and sharing passion and energy while lingering over a fresh meal with friends.

We built our stores to reflect the lively piazzas of our sunny town. A warm and vibrant place where the smell of fresh bread and bacon fill the air—where people can stop in for a quick coffee, or chat about life and culture while enjoying an overstuffed, fresh sandwich.

Every day we wake up excited to share our energy by serving fresh, delectable ingredients. It’s our hope that our restaurants become a small part of you, and that we can encourage you to go out and share YOUR passion with the world.

We were excited to give the THB positive energy to as many people as possible! We wanted to create the same experience in other neighborhoods so we worked hard to open new locations to give other communities what Towson was enjoying.

Our THB is Your THB.

Tony, Ciro, Oriana, and Gennaro

Our Journey

  • 1999 - THB opens in Towson

  • 2009 THB opens the second location in Canton

  • 2010 - Towerlight

  • 2010 Best of Baltimore Award

  • 2010 - THB Towson expanded it’s seating options to better contain it’s growing business

  • 2011

  • 2011 Best of Baltimore Award

  • 2012 THB opens it’s 3rd location in Timonium

  • 2012 Best of Baltimore Award

  • 2013 Best of Baltimore Award

  • THB gives back to the community

  • 2014 THB renovates Canton location

  • 2014 Best of Baltimore Award

  • 2015 Best of Baltimore Award

  • 2016 Best of Baltimore Award

  • 2017 Charles Village Opens

Our Brand Commitment

Your Food. Your Terms. We Got Your Back.

THB Bagels and Deli was built with a mission to enthusiastically share positive energy with the world. From the food we make to the conversations we have with people, we like to transfer our love and passion for what we do to everyone we encounter. We recognize that everyone has their own unique energy, which is why we allow people to eat their food on their terms. Whether you want to grab a quick coffee, or comfortably linger over a bacon, egg, and cheese while chatting about your weekend plans or business, we get it and we support it. Our THB is truly Your THB.

Our Values

At the core of THB Bagels and Deli is energy. Our business and our brand is all about energy. It’s why we got into the breakfast business—it’s the most energizing meal of the day. We’re not your quaint, sleepy mom and pop bagel shop. We are vibrant, we are bold, and above all, we are energetic. Energy courses through the food we make and the people who make it. Our restaurants are kinetic, designed to enliven your being and awaken your senses.

Our core values are the fundamental beliefs that explain how we infuse this energy into our business and its people.

We believe in…

Family—We started as a family restaurant and will always work to maintain a family atmosphere. Like any family, we may not get along all the time, but we respect each other and are here for one another. We are always respectful. Always, all the time, no exceptions ever. It’s not just about respecting your superiors or your elders, it’s about respecting EVERYONE you come into contact with. Just because you may not agree with something that someone says, you should still respect them, and in turn, you command respect.

Be the best version of yourself— We believe no matter what you do, you should always do your best. Being your best means being open to learning, from yourself and others, even if it’s uncomfortable. It’s through learning that you can improve. For this reason, we embrace and encourage feedback from our customers and our employees. Our goal is to have everyone excel and grow in our company in ways that foster their unique strengths and talents. We also recognize that you can only be your best when you lead a balanced, passionate life, which is why we are closed at night and on certain holidays.

Happiness is contagious—We believe that being happy means making others happy. We believe in smiling. We know with every meal we serve and every interaction we have, we get the opportunity to make someone’s day better, and we ALWAYS take advantage of that opportunity.

Never compromise quality—Bacon, egg, and AWESOME. We never compromise on the quality of our food or service. We make amazing meals because we use amazing ingredients served by amazing people, and we don’t budge on that. Not when pricing makes it difficult, not when timing makes it tough, not when conditions indicate it would be easy to. Quality is key to our brand, and it will always remain that way.

Our Vision

THB Bagels and Deli originally opened as Towson Hot Bagels in Towson, Maryland in September 1999.

Our restaurants are buzzing and feature bright, sunny, vibrant atmospheres where people can quickly pop in and out, or sit and linger without judgment from staff. We welcome them to stay and enjoy themselves and our food.

We treat our employees like family, as first and foremost, we are a family business. Our staff lights up with infectious energy and they’re excited to be at work. We hire positive, bright ambassadors as passion and enthusiasm are paramount to our brand. We value personality over skills, because we know you can’t teach a great attitude.

THB serves breakfast and lunch, with a full deli offering. Our food is made from scratch with the finest ingredients. We never budge on quality.

We make this food in a commissary to provide quality control. We then ship our food to stores for in-house preparation. We bake our bagels in stores several times a day, which is why as soon as you walk into THB, you get hit with an alluring smell of freshly-baked bread and sizzling bacon.

Our stores also feature open kitchens, so the electric passion we put into making our food is visible and easily transferable to our customers.

We aren’t a quaint, sleepy bagel shop. We play lively music and our patrons are as enthusiastic as we are. They are highly social people and love to share their experiences with others.

Above all, we aim to treat our customers like family members, who are returning home to a place they can kick back and enjoy themselves with like-minded friends and family. Our THB is truly Their THB.