Lift off with THB!


In a galaxy not-so-far-away right here at THB, we are all about discovering new flavors of bagels, which is why we partnered with McCormick to release our NEW Everything Old Bay Bagel, along with our summer sweetheart, Asiago Old Bay. These seasonal bagels come with a splash of Old Bay spice, reminiscent of summer days filled with food, fun, and family. Have you enjoyed a meal with THB? Let us know on Instagram! As we soar through the heights with our Summer Specials, don’t forget to share how you celebrate with Old Bay. Lift off with THB as in honor the 53rd anniversary of the Moon Landing and we look back on when the bagel landed in the US.

One small step for man, one giant leap for bagels

Polish immigrants who arrived in New York City in the 19th century brought bagels (beigels) with them. In the densely populated neighborhoods, the bagels quickly became a way of life for the working class individuals and families. This modest ‘street food,’ sold from food carts on poles or strings, would eventually become a New York City icon. The bagel made its way across the US and also Canada (hello Montreal-style bagels!), thanks to Jewish bagel makers who settled there. Today, people continue to line up outside bagel shops, with some of these shops having up to a 60-minute wait time until the warm golden bagel is in the hands of the hungry customer. Luckily, the average wait time at THB is 10 minutes during our busiest times of the day. Placing your yummy order on the myTHB app allows you to choose your location and the pick-up time. With the app, you can cut down the wait time and earn rewards at the same time. Win win! No matter if you’re having a meal in our restaurant or picking it up, we promise that the wait is worth it! Our bagels, cream cheese, and deli sandwiches are made fresh each day from the best ingredients. You can literally see and taste the difference so try one of our “Baltimore’s Best Bagels” today!