THB celebrates National Sibling Day!


FROM RIGHT TO LEFT: Gennaro, Luigi, Oriana, Tony, and Ciro

Welcome to the best part of your day!

Baking Baltimore’s Best Bagels since 1999, our passion for food goes well beyond fresh, made-from-scratch bagels and a dang-good deli - it’s a family tradition! As a family-owned and hotperated business, THB is proud to feature the family behind it all: CEO Tony, Oriana, Ciro, and Gennaro. With their dedication and having grown up in the restaurant business, there's a lot to learn from and about them! Read on as they share their thoughts on THB beliefs: family, happiness, quality, and being the best version of yourself.


"Believe it or not, I am the youngest in the family! I would love to say I am the athlete of the family, however, my love for bagels doesn't allow that lifestyle. *laughs* I would say that I am the creative one; the one who likes to change the question every time we find an answer!" -Tony

"Tony and I are twins. Because he was born 4 minutes after me, that definitely makes him the youngest. :) I'm the most impulsive but the most passionate! I love entertaining others and can talk for days!" -Ciro

"I am definitely the patient one. It wasn't easy growing up with two younger brothers, especially after 6 years of being an only child. Also, it's very challenging to be the only woman dealing every day with three men in the business. ;)" -Oriana

"Well, it's no secret that I am the cousin and oldest of us four!" -Gennaro


"Being partners in business is like a marriage where you need to be able to compromise, listen, and have respect for one another. We hold each other accountable, but we are also there for each other when one of us is feeling down or stressed out. We are lucky to be able to face challenges together, as a family." -Oriana

"I'm the oldest of the four but we are close in age with me being four days older than Oriana. We know each other pretty well; a look in the eyes is all we need to understand the next move." -Gennaro


"As the CEO, I am the one who brings ideas for the business to the extended THB family. I love to see our employees grow within the company and help craft their skill sets for future jobs. A lot of them have great memories from working with us!" -Tony

"I'm blessed to spend every day with my family where it feels like I'm 18 all the time. I love being able to share my core values of unconditional love and respect with the entire team of 150+ employees." -Ciro


"During the start of the pandemic, we wanted to ensure that our employees would still have a job. We were afraid but this was very important to us. Thanks to our great teamwork and communication, we were able to overcome the fear and challenges of the pandemic together, and offer everyone their jobs when it was safe to come back (for those who choose to step away)." -Oriana

"We are proud to be able to give quality of life to all of the employees." -Ciro


"I strive to tackle challenges by focusing on the tasks and putting in the hard work. It helps to look back and find that adrenaline to help stay motivated. I'm generally very flexible, which helps when you have to make a lot of decisions, especially in business." -Gennaro

"This business is very fulfilling. We have the best team, consisting of 150+ employees, which allowed us to expand and create more jobs by opening two new stores (located in Owings Mills and Columbia)! It is definitely something that makes me proud to be a part of this organization." -Tony

temp-post-image FROM RIGHT TO LEFT: Gennaro, Oriana, Ciro, and Tony

Our THB is your THB!

After a tough yet rewarding three years, the THB family has much to celebrate in 2022! Some of the THB neighborhood locations will be undergoing renovations beginning this summer to bring a fresh, new energy and vibe. THB of Timonium will kick off the store renovations. Be sure to follow along on social media to stay up-to-date. With so much to look forward to this year, the THB family is proud to continue being around family, sharing happiness, and bringing positivity.